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From: James Freemantle
Subject: Dont Play Games You Cant Win -1 (authoritarian )Dont Play Games You Cant Win -1 (authoritarian)
By James Freemantle James, David, Arnold and I were all good friends. This story took place
when we were all sixteen. We spent our spare time playing a game called
"how far will you go?" It was a form of "truth or dare" with a twist. The
challenge was made and anyone could take it. We flashing underage teens each started putting money
into a pot and the taker would get the money underage schoolgirl by accepting the challenge.These tasks were just stupid stuff (sorry not sexual). They just made us
look stupid. Most were just things that embarrassed a sixteen year old.
The more they made you look stupid the more money that would end up in the
pot. I found I did not mind looking stupid if I gained the money in the
pot. It was one of these that caused my world to turn upside down.We were goofing off at David's house when James started a new challenge.
David's eighteen year old brother, William was in the den talking on the
phone. He had just stepped out of the shower and was only wearing a towel.
David's challenge was petite nude underage to go over and grab the towel and run. David told us
we had better not do this or William would kick someone's ass. We all
laughed and no one really going to do it until James said he would put
fifty bucks into the pot.My rational mind was telling me not to take the challenge but my crazy side
told me I could grab it and run before William knew what had happened. I
would have fifty bucks. I though it would just be a funny prank.While my friends snickered I walked toward the amature underage sex den. William paid no
attention pics underaged models
to me as I grabbed for the towel. My aim was a little low and I
ended up grabbing his privates with the towel. flashing underage teens My friends were falling on
the floor while laughing at the sight before them.William was naked and pissed. I was so shocked that I had grabbed his dick
that I did not run fast enough. I saw the fist coming my way and I felt my
head snap back. I heard William yelling, "You stupid fag, don't ever touch
me again unless you want to die." I looked up from my fog and saw William
standing over me completely naked without the towel and with his fists
ready for action. I did not feel the second, third or fourth underage car rental
William had knocked me out.Looking back, I think James knew what would happen. While my head was
foggy and my lip was busted I was fifty dollars richer. My "so called"
friends would laugh every time I looked at them. I kept asking what was so
funny. I told them I had made fifty dollars.Arnold said that they had to pull William off me or I would be dead but it
was James remakes that caused me grief. He said, "Yea dude we had to tell
William that you were a fag and wanted his body. We told him that you big tits underage had
received twenty dollars to give a class mate xxx underage torrent
a blow job." My friends were
in hysterics again. I did not believe them and told them they were full of
shit.It was just a few minutes when William walked into the room in his jockeys
and looked at me. He was stilled pissed when he said, "You can underage model porn suck your
friends all you want and you can even get money for sex but you had better
keep away from me you faggot." My friends doubled over laughing again.
The next day at school I went to my first class I looked over at James and
David and they both started laughing. I'm kept thinking I'm going to kick
some ass today. I was glad school had ended when I went to my underage video clips
When I opened it to get my things I saw the envelope. There was a note on
the outside saying payment in advance. I'll see you soon for service.
Inside the envelope was twenty dollars. I caught up with my friends and
said "very funny ass holes I'm keeping your money." They acted like they
didn't know what I was talking about. I should have watched and judged
their reactions better.I was walking away from the school on Friday when Billy walked up to me.
He was in eighteen and in Williams's class. He looked at me and said,
"Well runt did you get my money?" I was frozen in fear for a few minutes
and I wanted to run but I just stood and looked into his face. William
must have told him I sucked dick for money. Billy had put the envelope in
my locker.I felt trapped in this tale and I had to get my friends to set the story
straight. I told Billy that I wasn't a queer and this was a prank by my
friends. He looked disappointed as he asked for his money back. It was
then I realized I had used his money. I told him I would give it to him
Monday.He looked into my face and said, "I don't know what you are pulling flashing underage teens but you
had better have my money by six or underage pussy panty
go down on my bone. I don't play games.
Be at my house at six with my money or with a thirst. Do you understand?"I just shook my head. I was going to kill my friends when I caught up with
them. It was four when I went home. I planned to get money from my Mom to
bring to Billy. I felt sick when I saw the note. "I will be home about 8
tonight. Mom"I was in a "fog" when I rang the door underage daughter rape bell. I did not have the
money. Billy spoke to me, "I'm sexy teen underage ready." I looked toward Billy and blushed
when I saw him. He was standing at the door completely naked. His teenage
cock was completely hard and pointing toward me. I could do nothing but
stare at the seven-inch cock rising from his hair covered balls. He noticed
my gaze. He was smiling and said he was glad I was a fag. I told him he was
crazy, that I wasn't doing anything. He said he was going tell everyone
that I was a queer and took his money. This terrified me! I started trying
to talk my way out of this and trying to convince him I wasn't gay.Finally, he told kneel before his hard cock. I immediately said no and
started to leave. He pushed me against the door and said that I would do as
he said. My resolve was gone underage daughter rape as I started jerking him off, sliding the
skin up and down his cock. The feel of his cock caused my cock to grow in
my pants. I was actually getting excited. He started in about blowing him
saying he knew that I will like it. I argued that I wasn't a cocksucker
and that I couldn't take his dick in my mouth. By this time my jerking him
had gotten lots of his juices flowing and he rubbed it on my cheek. Bill
started telling me to lick his big dick. I refused again and again. I
felt the heat as his cum hit me in my face. He said a hand job was not
what he wanted.
I watched as he went into the kitchen and grabbed some paper towels. I
wiped the slime from my face. I notice that Billy was still hard as he
wiped his cock clean. He asked how much I charged for a hand job. I
explained that I wasn't queer and what had taken place at Williams.He laughed and said, "Your fucked then little dude because William told a
lot of people that you suck dick for money. You will get more than your
share of offers this year." I was shocked at what had transpired the last
few days. I was branded a queer by a stupid joke.Billy started asking how I was going to pay him back. He started telling
me that I didn't have a problem jerking him off and that I should just by
take a chance. I asked what he meant.He started pushing on my shoulder and talking in an almost hypnotic tone.
I was kneeling before Billy again. One of my hands was holding his cock
while I had taken my own cock out with the other. He wanted me to take his
shaft into my mouth, petite nude underage but I could amature underage sex
never bring myself to do it. Bill must
have decided that I would have to give him what he wanted because he
forcefully pushed his cock in my mouth, all the while telling me he could
make a faggot.I was freaked and shocked but his shaft was gliding all the way into my
mouth, and his loaded nuts were smacking into my chin. I was more afraid
than I had ever been in my life. Bill was close to coming when he pulled
his cock from my mouth. His fist was flying on the shaft when he aimed the
cock at my face. I saw his piss hole pucker and his juice came flying out,
hitting me on the face and chest. I never told anyone about Billy and I
guess I was afraid to admit what I had done. This was my first experience
of any kind.Saturday, I was in my room studying when my cell phone rang. As I picked
up the phone I heard, "This is Billy; I want to meet?" I knew I should
tell him I was not available and I heard my voice say, "No, and I'm not
going to do anything." Billy said, "You will meet me and we will discuss
it?" It was my last chance to say no when I responded with, "OK."I was waiting at underage fuck videos the curb as he pulled up. I saw four other teens in the
car as I started to open the door. I told Billy I didn't want go with
him. Billy opened his door and came around to talk to me, "I've told them
about you, come on, we sure could use some help with our problems." He
watched me as he groped his dick through his jeans. My thoughts were of
his hard cock and yesterday, as I slid into the front seat of his car.Billy drove the car toward the school and I sat in silence as he pulled
into a dark parking lot. I knew what would happen if I didn't speak up
now. Billy opened his door as he removed his shirt and threw it on top of
his car. He leaned over and removed his shoes. I watched as he unzipped
his jeans, slipped them down along with his jockeys. Billy was nude again
standing in front of me.I was brought back to reality as one of the other teens spoke, "Hurry Billy
I want my turn." I realized that I was expected to suck Billy again along
with his friends. I started telling Billy, "I'm not going do it, not here
and that I need to go home." Billy smiled as he whispered to me, "You've
already had my cock in your mouth and you can either do as I say or I'll
have them hold you down. You are going to blow us all, do you understand?"I stepped from the car as I asked, "What do you want me to do?" Billy
spoke, "Good, now, I want you to kneel by the car." I started to argue, "I
can't suck you, I don't want to suck them, please." Billy never answered
but he just stared at underage daughter rape me. I was shaking as I sank down in front of Billy's
hard cock. I could hear the doors to the car open as one of Billy's
friends got out. I thought I've got a boner, I'm ready to do it." Tears
formed in my eyes as Billy said' "Yea, now that's the way to act."I opened and took Billy's dick into my mouth slowly. I even licked the
helmet clean of Billy's pre-cum before letting my lips surround the ridge
where it met the shaft. At last, I closed my lips around the hard veined
pole, taking the entire cock in my mouth and my nose was buried in Billy's
curly pubes.I forgot about the other teens as I began to move my head up and down on
the organ. Billy began to sigh softly. "That's wonderful, man. Suck me."
All too soon, Billy's strong hands grasped my head, forcing his rod
downward all the way. I heard his gasps above me as the cock in my mouth
began to pulse, filling me with baby underage pussy panty making seeds. After a split second of
uncertainty, I swallowed the violent spurts. I and was surprised at its
taste. I thought I was dreaming--I couldn't be swallowing his
spunk. Finally I released the cock, which had softened slightly. I soon
had my mouth filled with other high school cocks who were ready to feed me
slime.As I left his car, Billy said he knew I could do it and he promised he
would send other teens my way. I told him I wasn't gay and please don't
tell anyone else. He laughed as he left and I heard him yell, "Thanks
fag." underage fuck videos

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